6 Best viewpoints of Prague

Lizet Wesselman - 14/07/2022

6 Best viewpoints of Prague

Lizet Wesselman - 14/07/2022

Prague is built on a hilly terrain and as the biggest adventage of that, it means you get to enjoy many beautiful viewpoints. The big disadvantage is that you always have to go up. Unfortunately, not all viewpoints in Prague are easily accessible by public transport. I included information on transport options for those who can’t walk the steep hills. But for those who can, these stunning viewpoints of Prague are worth the climb!

1. Letná park & beergarden

The most stunning vieuwpoints in Prague are in Letná park, if you ask me. It’s a steep climb to the top, but you can also take tram 6 to the back and cross the park to the viewpoints. The park is simple, with some flower beds, benches and walking paths. Pretty simple, but always with a nice vibe. You can walk quite a bit along the edge of the hill, giving you multiple impressive viewpoints. The beergarden is my favourite place to spend a hot summer night with a refreshing drink. Because of the trees, it’s a cool spot in town, but with the most amazing view. With a beautiful sunset, this is also the best place to be because you’re looking exactly in the direction of the setting sun.

2. Prague castle

Besides it being one of Prague’s hotspots, a walk around Prague Castle also offers plenty of viewpoints of Prague. As soon as you enter the city, the castle already towers high over everything. Not surprisingly, you get a great view from up there. The best way is to walk up from the Charles Bridge or to take the famous castle stairs. On both routes you will find many beautiful viewpoints. It’s a steep climb, but definitely worth it! Trams 22 and 23 will bring you to Pražský hrad at the back, from where you can easily walk to the castle.

3. Riegrovy Sady

The view from Riegrovy Sady isn’t one of hotspots like Charles Bridge or the castle, but it is a lovely spot. On top of the hill, you overlook the northern part of the city and have a lovely spot for a picnic. An incredibly popular place among expats and locals to hang out in the summer. On Friday nights, there is a sunset jam session. What could be better than a beautiful sunset with good company and live music? This viewpoint in Prague is really where you want to be if you just want to enjoy the little things in life. This one really requires you to walk up the hill for the view.

4. Petrín

Petrín is a huge park and has lots of different viewpoints to go to. You have the Petrín tower which is supposed to be thé viewpoint of Prague, but in my opinion not worth the money. You can see the same view from the whole mountain, the only advantage of the tower is that you are just a little bit higher. But above the city and even higher above the city makes little difference to me.. Take a few hours for this park and walk around. You have 2 good options.

– Take the little train up, turn left and walk down the zig-zag route there. You’ll encounter lots of open areas here with great views.

– Or go from Újezd into the park itself, turn right (at the train, so walk around that building) and walk up there towards the castle. It’s a climb, but well worth it. Are you there in the spring? Then this is really a must! That part of the park is full of blossoms and perfect to relax with a book or a picnic in the spring.

5. Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad is actually an old church, but there is a large park around it that is worth a visit. No lack of viewpoints over Prague here. You can enjoy every side of the city here, but my favourite is the view of the river and the castle in the distance. For this, you walk towards the church, to the left of the church is a cemetery and next to it is a road. On the left side you can go through an opening in the wall, and there you have the view. But be sure to walk around and enjoy all the views.

6. Bonus: Charles bridge

The definition of a viewpoint is that it’s a high point. So this one doesn’t really belong on the list, but it shouldn’t be missed anyway. Because of the width of the Vltava River and the hill on which the castle stands, you have a beautiful view from the Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge is of course not to miss hotspot in Prague anyway. But be sure to take some time to enjoy the view from both sides.