Best coffee in Barcelona

Lizet Wesselman - 24/07/2023

Best coffee in Barcelona

Lizet Wesselman - 24/07/2023

In 2021 I made my very first trip as a soon-to-be digital nomad and the destination was Barcelona. A city known for its stunning Gaudi buildings and vibrant vibes. One thing I didn’t expect of this city, was the lack of a coffee culture. I hadn’t particularly thought about it, but somehow I was surprised at how hard it was to find some proper coffee. As a huge coffee lover, I ended up buying a little French press to get my daily coffee kick. But I also made it a little mission to find the best coffee places in Barcelona. I spent 6 weeks in the city, and only found the best one on the very last day. So, here’s a mini Barcelona coffee guide, for those who don’t have that long to find a good coffee.

Tried and tested

In those 6 weeks, I probably tried about 25 different coffee places. (No, I don’t go out every day to try food/coffee places) They definitely didn’t all make this list, but I created a list of the best coffee places in Barcelona and a few you should absolutely avoid.

And the winners are …

Brew Coffee Barcelona: The absolute winner

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Brew Coffee Barcelona emerged as the undisputed champion in my coffee quest. It’s a cute small place, which is a bit hidden in a side street. Meaning, it will get you away from the crowds and make you feel a little more like a local. Which for me is always a plus. This place is fully focussed on coffee, which explains why it’s so good. Not a restaurant that just happens to serve coffee, but full commitment to a good quality coffee.

Morrow Coffee: A strong runner-up

Morrow Coffee secured a solid second place for best coffee in Barcelona. The biggest thing for me was that it just wasn’t my favourite types of beans. I have my favourite coffee countries, and they clearly just used beans from a country that’s not on that list. But it’s a very good quality coffee, very strong and flavourful. So, the only reason it landed in second place, was because of the bean choice.

El Fornet & Buenas Migas: Chain cafes worth visiting

In a big city like Barcelona, it’s nice to have a chain or 2 to fall back on, when you’re not close to the best coffee places. You will find El Fornet & Buenas Migas on every corner of every street and for chains, they both sell pretty good coffee. Buenas Migas serves up delicious strong flat whites, although their cappuccino’s could use an upgrade. They’re a bit watery. However, they’ve since responded to my Instagram post that included this list and informed me that all of their locations would get new machines, which would increase the quality. So, might be better by now. El Fornet is also a great place for sandwiches, by the way, their focaccias are great!

Warning: Barcelona coffee places to avoid

There were chains I tried that should come with a warning. Or, honestly, should just stop serving coffee altogether. To save you from making the same mistakes, just avoid these 2 places for coffee.

365: Not the worst, but not the best

I stayed in the Barcelona outskirts for a littlebit and pretty much the only breakfast place they had was 365. I had seen it in Barcelona already and decided to give it a try. Big mistake. Although I’ve had worse coffee, it definitely wasn’t good either. Way too watery, and hardly had any coffee in it. Skip it and either go to a better place or just make your own, you’ll thank yourself.

Pans & Co: Just don’t

Finally, we have Pans & Co, which is like drinking water with a drop of coffee flavour. As a big coffee snob, I will drink the coffee I buy because some is better than none. This was the very first time in my life that I actually tossed the coffee after a few sips. This was absolutely disgusting, and I can’t recommend it to anybody. While it might be a convenient option for baguettes, it’s best to look elsewhere for your coffee fix.

How to find good coffee in Barcelona?

You might not always be around the 2 great coffee places, so how do you find good coffee in Barcelona? You could always go for the chains I mentioned, as they are perfectly fine. But if you’re looking for a good and more local coffee experience, I can recommend you to search for small coffee places. Go for those that really focus on coffee, and maybe some pastries, but aren’t a full shop. I noticed that most restaurants just don’t prioritize their coffee, and neither do bakeries. So the coffee might be allright, but not great. 

Those cute small shops that often have a wide range of coffee beans for sale as well, are generally the places where you’ll really enjoy your coffee. The owners and staff probably enjoy coffee just as much as you, do they’ll make an effort for a perfect coffee. 

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