The business

The business

Welcome to the business section of this website. In addition to being a travel blogger, I am also a content writer through my company, LW Content.

Besides it being a fun travel diary for me, this blog is also my portfolio as a sustainable travel content writer. This way, you can immediately see a piece of me and my writing style when I am completely free to write whatever I want.

So besides this blog, I also write content for other entrepreneurs in the sustainable or travel branche. Can I help you make your product even stronger and reach more customers with quality content and good SEO? Here you can read a little bit more about me and the services I offer. For an extended version you can go to my services page and if you want to know what it costs right away, you can find my packages on the pricing page.


Who am I?

Who am I?

I believe in personal connections, including in business collaborations. So that we can build a collaboration based on good communication and creativity. So here a little more about me as a person. After all, you are working directly with me.

I am Lizet, born and raised in the Netherlands. Many years ago my grandparents moved to the other side of the world, to New Guinea, for a job. I guess that’s where my passion for travel comes from, as it seems to be a family thing. After living in Prague for 2.5 years, I decided it was time to start my own business, which allows me to go wherever I want. With a background as a marketer, I decided to focus on content marketing. In it, I eventually decided on a focus as a sustainable travel content writer & photographer. Quite a mouthful, but something that makes me very happy. I officially registered my business in 2021, and now I can take my work anywhere. I photograph so many beautiful places and then write about them. And I try to make the world a little better in the process. It doesn’t get any better than this, if you ask me!

Services in a nutshell

Services in a nutshell

SEO Content creation

Are you looking for an SEO content specialist? I provide content that sells! The content that gives you a boost in Google and keeps your customers interested, based on extensive keyword research that guarantees you will be found. Whether it’s complete website content or interesting blogs, I can help.

All-round marketeer

Are you looking for an all-round marketer who also helps you with newsletter content, social media content, Analytics or who puts written blogs directly on the website? Hire me for a fixed number of hours per week and indicate which tasks you want to have done. Together we make a content plan for the coming month.


A picture says more than a thousand words. Even as a content writer, I recognize the power of photos. All photos on this website are mine, and I am happy to offer my photography services. Looking for matching photos for your website and social media? Then get in touch for the possibilities. Think of brand photography, product photography or just something unique that expresses a suitable atmosphere.

Review from: Webprepare

Lizet has written the web texts for Webprepare. The communication was very pleasant and the texts were delivered as agreed upon. We’ll undoubtedly use Lizet more often to have our web texts written!

Review from: Comfort click

We’ve been working with Lizet on content for a long time now. Lizet immerses herself in the subject matter to be written about and therefore always manages to produce a sharp and easy-to-read text. Communication is smooth and Lizet is always open to feedback. In short: having Lizet take care of your content is highly recommended.

Review from: Xandra's kitchen

Lizet helped us with comprehensive keyword research to improve our SEO. She helped us a lot and came up with an extensive report of the keywords that are used most in our industry and how we can best use them. Lizet is pleasant to communicate with, thinks along with us and is clear about our expectations. We will definitely approach Lizet again in the future if we need help with something!

Review from: KVS Administraties

I met Lizet in a business group on Facebook. After a nice introduction via video call, I gave her an assignment, which was to find content words that fit my social media and website. Since then I often look at that list when I write blogs or articles.

Thank you Lizet!

Review from: The Green Cat

Lizet has written smooth texts for me, for 2 different projects. What I liked most is the fine communication and the fact that Lizet is open to points of improvement and suggestions. Thanks for your help, Lizet!

Review from: Pre-owned by Roos

Gold stars

I had a super fun and pleasant call with Lizet. Mainly about the SEO of the webshop I’m setting up. It was very nice that Lizet looked over my shoulder, pointed out good things and gave me super additions. It was nice to speak to someone who clearly understands the business and cares about the environment. I like to work with entrepreneurs who feel the same way, so that was a very nice plus!

Review from: Studio Bruin

I have had my website for quite some time, started as a blog and eventually transformed into one that has to represent my company. Only I noticed very much that I couldn’t see myself, if the story was clear or not, which in turn affects the findability of my site and business. Lizet helped me to look at my website from an outsider’s perspective and pointed out things that needed improvement. After the meeting, I immediately wanted to get to work to implement all the tips & tricks into my site!

Start with selling content today

Content adjusted to your wishes

Content adjusted to your wishes

To make it easy, I’ve set up ready-made content packages. That way we both know where we stand. Whether you want to do a separate keyword research or want to use my services for a few hours a month. Take a look now to see which package suits you best!