Group trips

Group trips

From 2024, I will offer sustainable group travel. You can then travel with me without having to worry about planning and figuring out how to travel sustainably. I will organise the whole trip and take care of your booking. All you have to do is be at the start location on time and we can go.

What is a sustainable group trip?

Sustainable group trips can be anything. Here you can read more about what sustainable travel is about, but also, for example, what responsible tourism is. In conclusion, a sustainable trip can be either a trip by train, maybe even camping. But it can also be a trip that makes a positive local impact. Where we sleep in homestays, eat in local restaurants and thus focus mainly on responsible tourism.


  • A train journey through Austria, possibly with a hut tour.
  • A more local trip in Thailand with a train journey between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
  • A tour of Slovenia or Denmark, countries that have sustainability high on the agenda.
  • A trip through Morocco, setting off with a local guide.
  • A city trip to Prague, by train.
  • A trip around an iconic train journey, such as the Bernini express, Yellow train in the Pyrenees or the Reunification express in Vietnam.
  • And many more.

Who are these group trips for?

These sustainable group trips are basically open to anyone over 18. For me, it’s more about having the same idea in terms of travelling. Not a party holiday where highlights are ticked off at lightning speed.

My group trips are really about that local experience. So are you the type of traveller who likes to have a chat with a local, or preferably sleep in their house, cook together and enjoy a beautiful view with a glass of wine on the terrace? Or do you really enjoy the view from the train and watching the scenery slowly change? Then these are your kind of trips! There will certainly be time for highlights, but above all, time for rest, good food and that wonderful local experience.

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Rather go on your own trip?

Does a group trip sound cool, but rather with your own friends than with random strangers? Or just you, you + 1 or a trip with kids? Then of course I can help you set up that trip as well. As a sustainable travel agent, I can help you plan the perfect trip, with sustainable transport, sustainable accommodations and local experiences. Of course, completely adjusted to your wishes and budget. For more information, check out my travel packages

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