Street art walk in Lyon

Published 14/03/2023

Street art walk in Lyon

Published 14/03/2023

There are plenty of things to see in Lyon when it comes to architecture, history and museums. But art lovers also get their pieces when they visit Lyon, thanks to its rich street art scene. And I am not talking about a wall with a graffiti painting here and there, but real street art of the highest level. And the advantage of street art is of course that it’s free. Here is a route along the most beautiful pieces of street art in Lyon for a selfguided tour.

Start at “La Mur des Canuts”

Start your street art adventure at “La Mur des Canuts”, located on the corner of Boulevard des Canuts and Rue Denfert-Rochereau. This monumental mural pays homage to Lyon’s silk-weaving heritage and depicts the daily lives of silk workers. Marvel at the intricate details and vibrant colours that bring the mural to life.

From here, follow “BD des Canuts” to find more big murals on the buildings. Don’t forget to look behind you from time to time! Murals might be on the other side of the building you just passed. One of those would be “Mur des Tapis”, which I almost missed by not looking back. Cross the street from there to admire “Association Mur 69”.

Graffiti and small art

Continue walking towards “Rue Neyret”. This lively street is known for its eclectic mix of street art and creative expression. So, you’ll find more graffiti, small artworks and politically themed works here. These are sometimes painted over by either the city or opponents, so this street is never the same. For instance, during Trump’s time, there was a work where someone urinated over his head, that was eventually painted over. It pays to have a Google Translate app on your phone to translate French texts.

You can take a small detour here past “Point de Vue” for a panoramic view of the city and perhaps have a drink at one of the local cafés. Continue your walk from Rue Neyret to “Mnt de la Grande-Côte”, a nice shopping street with many local shops and lots of street art, which is also a UNESCO sight. This is another one of those streets that will probably never be the same again, but with many small artworks and stickers that are worth a visit.

Take a slight detour to “Pass. Mermet” for another colourful staircase painting. This is a bit of a hidden one and therefore pretty quiet.

“Fresque des Lyonnais” wall-art

Continue your street art journey to the iconic “Fresque des Lyonnais”, located on the corner of Quai Saint-Vincent and Rue de la Martinière. This monumental mural pays homage to Lyon’s historical figures and cultural icons. Take your time to admire the detailed portraits and engage in a game of “spot the famous face.”

Lyon Instagram hotspot “rainbow stairs”

Finally, take a slight detour to discover the famous Rainbow Stairs “Escalier Prunelle” The stairs is one of Lyon’s Instagram hotspots and is usually pretty crowded. But this colourful piece obviously spreads a lot of good vibes and is popular for a reason.

All of these art pieces are on Google Maps, so you can also create your own perfect route. Would you prefer to get some more background information about the pieces? Then go for the self-guided audio tour. The above-mentioned route would take you about 40 minutes, excluding stops to admire the pieces.

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