Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Sustainable Travel Itineraries from “Awanderfoodworld”. The “we” in these terms and conditions refer to the people behind “Awanderfoodworld”.

Thank you for choosing our sustainable travel itinerary service. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking our service.

Service and Payment

1.1 We provide sustainable travel itineraries for our clients. The prices mentioned on the website are the prices for the travel itinerary, not for the trip itself. The client will receive a link with the travel itinerary where they will be able to book and pay for the actual trip.

1.2 After filling in the questionnaire, clients will receive an invoice for the travel itinerary, which they have to pay within two weeks.

1.3 The price of the itinerary is subject to change if not paid within the two-week period.

1.4 We don’tt give refunds. Clients have the right to decline the offer and not pay the invoice. Once the invoice is paid, there are no refunds.

1.5 The prices mentioned on the website are subject to change, based on the actual request. These prices include 4 locations in the trip, when the client wants to visit more locations or has other specific requests, a custom price will be calculated.

1.6 We reserve the right to change prices on the website at any time. Clients are not entitled to an old price unless they have received an offer with the old price which is less than 2 weeks old.

Revision and Changes

2.1 Clients are entitled to one revision after receiving the first draft of the itinerary. This is the draft sent after the payment and includes a setup for the included destinations.

2.1.1 If the client chooses a package including accommodations and/or activities, this draft will also include a rough setup for the type of accommodations and activities that will be included in the full itinerary.

2.2 If something about the finalized itinerary is not to their liking, changes cost extra, unless otherwise agreed upon.

2.3 If clients need to cancel the trip, there is no refund for our services. We are willing to help plan a new trip, but it will come with an extra charge, unless otherwise agreed upon.

2.4 If any transport, accommodations or activities are cancelled or delayed, this is not our responsibility. Clients will have to contact the responsible companies to arrange new options. We are able to help with this, for an extra charge, unless otherwise agreed upon.


3.1 We do not offer 24/7 service during the trip. All packages come with a list of phone numbers that clients can use when they are having issues during their trip.

3.2 Prices of transport, accommodation and activities may differ slightly from those listed in the itinerary. We advise customers to book as soon as possible to avoid large price differences.

3.3 We can also not guarantee that seats, accommodations and free spots at group activities are available if the client waits too long to book the itinerary.

3.4 If the client already knows they are not able to book on the date that the itinerary will be delivered, we could discuss a different delivery date, to make sure the prices and availability are most accurate.

3.5 If the client tries to book the itinerary within 24 hours of delivery of the travel itinerary and there are significant changes* in prices or availability, we will help find an alternative at no extra cost.

*Significant changes are:

  • Transport: no availability at all or not enough tickets for the whole travel party.
  • Accommodations: no availability at all, not enough rooms for the whole travel party or no longer available for the entire stay.
  • Activities: no longer available on any of the days that the client will be at that location. If the client wants to go on day 1, but on day 2 the tickets are still available, this is up to the client to adjust the plans.
  • Price increase of at least 25%

Intellectual Property

4.1 All materials and advice provided by Awanderfoodworld shall remain the property of Awanderfoodworld at all times. Any material provided by Awanderfoodworld may not be reproduced, forwarded or resold, in part or in full, under any circumstances.

4.1.1 If it is discovered that the delivered materials or advice did get forwarded or resold, a legally valid penalty will be charged, based on the value of the delivered products or services.

Delivery and Deadlines

5.1 We will deliver the first draft of the itinerary within 2 days after receiving the request. If we cannot meet this deadline, we will inform the client within those 48 hours with a new deadline.

5.2 The client has 2 weeks to agree on the itinerary price and pay the invoice. We will not start working on the itinerary before the payment has been received.

5.3 After we have received the payment, we will send a confirmation that we are starting, with a deadline when the itinerary will be delivered. This will be within 14 days, unless agreed otherwise.

5.4 If the client needs the itinerary sooner, they can request a fast order. If possible, we will agree to this, but it might come with an extra charge.

By booking our service, clients agree to these terms and conditions. If clients have any questions or concerns, they can contact us at any time at business@awanderfoodworld.com.