The 3 best spots in Sicily

Lizet Wesselman - 22/05/2022

The 3 best spots in Sicily

Lizet Wesselman - 22/05/2022

In a week’s time, we covered about three quarters of the island and were able to see a lot. My first tip is: take more time for it. Sicily is really beautiful and deserves more time to fully enjoy it. However, I have a number of favourite places that I would like to share with you, in case you don’t have much time either. These are the 3 best spots in Sicily.

1. Taormina

Taormina is a coastal town on the north/east coast of Sicily and definitely worth a visit! It is very touristy, which is normally not my preference. But it was such a nice village and had everything you need. There are several reasons to go to Taormina:

The cute streets

We arrived in the village itself, where you have endless cute little streets. Be sure to enter one of the side streets as well, as there are real hidden gems! Many restaurants have a terrace with a beautiful view, which you cannot see from the street.

Greek ruins

Apart from the beautiful streets and nice restaurants, you have some ancient Greek ruins that are worth visiting, such as the amphitheatre. It used to be a Greek colony, and you can still see that everywhere.

Etna vulcano

Taormina is the place to be if you want to climb the Etna volcano. Most organized tours start from here but also by car it’s a short ride. This is the second most active volcano in Europe and for many people the reason to go to this part of the island.

The view

Walk down to “Belvedere di Via Pirandello” for a wonderful view of the coast. There’s also a church here which seems to be a popular wedding church. Taormina seems to be a popular wedding spot and I can see why! From here you can also take the stairs down to the coast. Be careful, because it’s high! Luckily, there is also a ski lift going down for those who don’t want to or can’t take the stairs.

Isola Bella

It means “beautiful island” and it definitely is. I must say that I found the view from above more impressive than the island itself. Although there seem to be many special plants and animals which you can explore by paying a €7 entrance fee. Do you want to go to the island? Bring water shoes with you! And leave your valuables at home as much as possible. The path to the island is not dry, it is a passage between two bays, and the waves meet there. This can cause the water to rise and your belongings to be damaged. It’s a lovely little beach, but we did carry our belongings on our heads to prevent them from getting wet. Recommended: view the island from above during golden hour. Before the sun disappears behind the mountains, it lights up the island with a beautiful golden glow.

Isola Bella Island Sicily

2. Céfalú

Cefalù is an old fishers town about an hour from Palermo. Do you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big city but still have plenty to do? Then go for Cefalù! The atmosphere in this small town is fantastic. You have everything from small local shops to a few well-known chains. Beach and mountains, beautiful buildings and cosy streets with more than enough choice of restaurants and cafés to keep you entertained for a few weeks. Even the locals seemed completely relaxed and were all very friendly. If I was ever going to stay in Sicily for a longer period of time, it would be here.

3. Scopello beach

Okay, admittedly, we didn’t go to the beach itself in the end. You pay €10 for it to enter the beach and get a guided tour through the museum. Honestly, I’m not even sure what the museum was about, and we only wanted to take pictures. But what a beautiful beach it is! There are more beautiful, hidden beaches in this area. For most of them, you have to hike quite a bit, which we, unfortunately, didn’t have time for. But I recommend everyone to take some time for hiking in this area to enjoy the beautiful beaches in hidden notches in the rocks. This side of the island offers the clearest water and even from a distance, it is worth it. Don’t want to pay the €10? Then go up the mountain before the entrance and take a photo of the rock, as we did. (Picture on top)

Although Sicily is part of Italy, it’s also a small country on its own and really worth exploring more intensely. The mainland, of course, has tons to offer as well. Like these 19 great cities.