Germany train trips

Germany train trips

How lovely that you’re thinking of a Germany train trip! This country has really surprised me in terms of cute little villages and beautiful nature in the south. And of course, don’t forget the castles because you’ll find plenty of them in Germany! Because it’s such a big country, with so much beauty to see, I made two guides. One through northern Germany and one through southern Germany. That way, you can choose whether you want to go mainly for cute villages and beautiful nature in the south, or the big cities and cute villages in the north. Or, of course, both! If you buy them both at the same time, you get a bundle discount.

In addition, you’ll find a city guide to Berlin here because that city deserved its own spotlight. Berlin is also in the North Germany guide, but a lot less comprehensive. Buy the guide in a bundle for a discount.

Happy train travelling!

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Take a fantastic 14-day train trip through Southern Germany, with this guide. Take the train (or sometimes the bus) to these fantastic locations and enjoy the beauty that Southern Germany has to offer, from cute villages to beautiful cities and stunning natural areas. Places you would never get to by plane..

What’s in it?
– Tips on Germany
– Tips on how to find the cheapest train tickets
– 7 Locations in southern Germany
– Route information from location to location
– Highlights per location, from museums to cruises and active sports
– Highlights near that location, such as cute villages for a day trip
– Restaurant options per location (including vegan options)
– Accommodation suggestions per location
– Additional options to extend your trip

So all you have to do is book and you’re good to go!

All from a sustainable point of view, so lots of sustainable options that have the greatest impact on local people. Think of restaurants that have been run by the same family for years and hotels that implement sustainable measures. So you can travel with peace of mind and not have to do any more research on your own about your impact during this trip.

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Planning a city trip to Berlin? Then take the train, it’s super easy! This Berlin cityguide tells you exactly how to get there by train, whether you go for a night train or a scenic daytime ride. Furthermore, this Berlin cityguide is, of course, packed with tips on Berlin itself:

  • What to do, both art & museums and scenic spots and history spots
  • Where to eat? German, international or vegan, it’s all here
  • Where to stay? From budget hostels to luxury hotels
  • Going out in Berlin, from theatre to the famous techno clubs
  • Tips around Berlin, for when you have more time or want to get away from the crowds
  • Everything you need to know about public transport in Berlin itself

Berlin is an incredibly diverse city, where you’ll discover new things every time. Immerse yourself in its rich history, or enjoy its vibrant nightlife. You’ll never be bored in Berlin. And with this Berlin cityguide, you won’t have to miss a thing.

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