As a sustainable travel blogger, what can I do for you? Let’s collaborate.


Do you have a website about travel or sustainability and are looking for guest blogs? If so, I would be happy to write a piece for you! Before I took the plunge into travel consulting, I had my own content company. With a background in marketing and a passion for writing, it was the most logical direction. That passion for writing is definitely still there! So I really enjoy writing guest blogs about my other passions; travel and sustainability.

London, a city to revisit

Mini German train guide

Travel collaborations

In order to provide my readers and clients with the best tips and recommendations for sustainable travel, I’m always looking for travel collaborations. I am available for:

  • Press trips to destinations that focus on sustainable and responsible travel.
  • Ho(s)tel collaborations with sustainable and locally owned accommodations.

This could result into long-term collaborations where I will include sustainable accommodations into my travel itineraries and for the creation of ready to buy trips to sustainable countries.

Do you have sustainability high on your agenda and do you want to work with a creator who shares the same values? Then let’s chat!

Responsible tourism in Moldova

Instagram reel on the Czech wine region

Brand collaborations

I am always open to find brand collaborations with brands that match my business. The details of these are of course negotiable, but in any case I can use my blog and social media to raise awareness of your company! Think of giveaways, informative blogs, reviews or long-term collaborations where I provide extra visibility.

I can help create content in the form of:

  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Social media stories
  • Brand photography

Homestays as sustainable accommodations (collab with

Interested in a collaboration?

Interested in a collaboration?

Contact me directly to discuss the possibilities.