Train travel is still not the easiest to navigate. Even I, as an experienced train traveller, often spend days planning an affordable train journey. What is the best route? What are nice stops? Where can I find the cheapest train tickets? It’s quite a lot of figuring out. So I decided to share my routes with you!

What’s in the travel guides?

Train travel routes

Train travel routes are for those who like to plan their own trips, but are sometimes overwhelmed by the endless options for train travel. They save you a ton of trip planning time, while still allowing you the chance to plan the daily to-do’s and fun parts of trip planning. 


City guides are for specific locations, with everything you want to know about that city. What to do, what to see, where to eat sustainably and where to stay sustainably. It’s all there. Plus, of course, information on public transport in that city and train routes how to get there. It’s a full city guide, but with specific tips & tricks on how to make it a sustainable citytrip.

Train travel guides

Train travel guides offer all that in one, the train route plus detailed information on every stop, including accommodations, restaurants and things to do. Ideal for those who don’t like planning trips or don’t have the time. With these train travel guides, you only have to book, and you are ready to go. All the information about the country, the trains, public transport, city passes for activities, general information about the country, everything you’re looking for is in these guides. 

In the menu you’ll find all the locations for which I have mapped out train journeys. There will be a lot more coming in 2024! Want to stay up-to-date about new guides? Sign up for the newsletter. Is your preferred travel area not listed? Then I can always make a custom route for you.