Travel route Southern Germany


Southern Germany is bursting with nature, cute villages, impressive mountains and beautiful lakes.
You’ll find it all in this itinerary through southern Germany. The whole train route takes about 14-17 hours and can be done in a week. I do recommend you take a bit more time to really enjoy the places and take into account any delays.


Want to take a nice train trip through Southern Germany, but don’t know where to go? I highly recommend this travel route Southern Germany I myself have waited far too long to train travel in Germany. Despite it being so easy to travel both from the Netherlands and from my second home Prague. But, not interesting enough, I guess? I was expecting as flat boring a country as the Netherlands, but I really underestimated that! Especially the south has beautiful mountain areas, clear blue lakes and those incredibly cute German villages. You’ll find it all in this guide.

In this train travel guide you’ll find the inspiration for the route and basic information, such as travel time, train costs, information about German trains and where to book tickets and some basic information about the different stops. The guide is intended for those who like to plan their own trips, but are especially very overwhelmed by the amount of choice with train journeys.

It contains this:

  • A ready-made route through southern Germany
  • All the train information you need in Germany
  • Important train details such as travel time and a price indication for both high and low season
  • Basic information on the stops you make
  • Links to blogs where you can find more information about the locations on the route
  • Links to my go to platforms for hotels and activities
  • Basic information about the country such as best travel time

The whole route takes about 14-17 hours and includes 6 stops. You could do the route in a week. If you want to take it a little slower, I would recommend 10-14 days. People complain a lot about the German trains that they have a lot of delays. I personally haven’t had that experience at all, but it might be useful to take some extra time in case you do lose a day due to delays and missed transfers.



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