5 Hidden gems in Barcelona

Lizet Wesselman - 20/04/2022

5 Hidden gems in Barcelona

Lizet Wesselman - 20/04/2022

Are you going on a weekend trip to Barcelona and are you wondering which spots you absolutely can’t miss on your short trip? There are a few can’t miss places for a first time Barcelona visitor, but if it’s not your first trip, you’ll find some more hidden gems in this article. Go off the grid and join locals and expats in Barcelona to really experience the city.

1. Carmel bunkers

This is most likely thé hotspot amongst expats and locals. Next to the famous Park Güell, you’ll find another mountain with a stunning view over Barcelona. The Carmel bunkers are free and you’ll find a lot less people there. Also, the vibe is completely different. Where you’ll find people fighting over that picture-perfect sunset spot in Park Güell, most people who go to the Carmel bunkers will bring some drinks and food and just have a chill evening with friends. It’s an easy place to meet people as well. The perfect spot if you just want to relax and enjoy the view!

2. Parc del Laberint d’Horta

In other words: a maze! When was the last time you got lost in a maze? At the border of Barcelona you’ll find this maze in de gardens of an old estate. So aside from the maze, there’s a beautiful garden to wander around in to enjoy nature and fountains. It’s only a €2,23 entrance fee, tickets can be bought here. On Wednesdays and Sundays the park is free. Enjoy wandering!

3. La Poble Espanyol

This one might pop up in some other lists, but it’s still not that crowded and touristic. La Poble Espanyol looks like just a residential area with nice streets and shops, but it is a park for which you pay an entrance fee. Still worth a visit, since it only costs €14 for normal entree and provides many Instagram worthy spots. Think umbrella streets and houses covered in flowers. A lot of colour and a high level of cuteness.

4. Platja de la Mar Bella

A beach? Yes, a beach. Although I absolutely loved Barceloneta, it’s really the touristy beach where you are constantly harassed by street vendors and bicycle taxis. Do you want more peace and quiet and really enjoy the beach in Barcelona? Then go for Platja de la Mar Bella. It is located a bit further in the neighbourhood El Poblenou, which is a popular expat area. The beach is located next to a nice park with a skate park and sports fields. So it is still very lively, but more with locals and sportsmen than with tourists. Go for a game of volleyball or enjoy a drink at a beach bar.

Extra: You can also plan a day trip to surrounding beaches. The beach at Casteldefells is worth a visit or a little further on the beautiful beach at Sitges.

5. Cim de Camalot

There are a number of cosy villages around Barcelona where you can escape the crowds. Half an hour by train you will find the village of Gavá with, 20 minutes from the station, a mountain with a beautiful view over the city and the beach. (Pic on the left) You are guaranteed to be alone and can enjoy the beautiful sunset that Barcelona so often grants you. If you like hiking, you can also make a day of it, because you are on the edge of a large nature reserve.

This is just a sneak peek of what Barcelona has to offer. Like I said, the tourist things, for example, are worth a visit as well. Find a full guide filled with Barcelona tips here.