Bamboozy sustainable bamboo brand

Published 02/02/2023

Bamboozy sustainable bamboo brand

Published 02/02/2023

One of the first sustainable products I bought myself were cotton buds made of cardboard instead of plastic, and reusable cotton pads. Regarding the cotton pads, I think everybody knows that fish, birds, and turtles can swallow the sticks. As with straws and lollipop sticks, they choke slowly as the stick remains stuck in their throat. Nice way to die..  So, time for an alternative! Cotton is also anything but good for the environment, despite not being harmful to animals. And like that, there are many products we use every day, that now have much more eco-friendly alternatives. Bamboozy has put together a nice collection, so time to dedicate an article to this!

What do they sell?

Bamboozy makes a lot of zero-waste products. Or well, as little waste as possible. Everything needs replacing eventually. But with these products, that takes many years, rather than just one-time use. Moreover, they don’t sell any products that contain plastic in any way.

All the products they sell:

  • Shampoo bars
  • Washable cotton pads
  • Washable cotton buds
  • Metal razors with refill blades
  • Menstrual cups and underwear
  • Detergent laundry strips
  • Bamboo hairbrush
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Metal and wooden shaving brushes

What sustainable aspects are implemented?

Foremost, they’ve chosen not to use any plastic in the products they sell. In doing so, they consciously select materials that last, such as bamboo and metal. Metal basically doesn’t decay, so your purchase will last forever. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable alternative to plastic. Bamboo can grow up to a metre a day. That’s much more than the pandas can eat, even as the population grows. Plus, there are species of bamboo that isn’t a food source for animals anyway. As long as they don’t cut down the whole plant, it can continue to grow and will basically never run short. Until we start making everything out of bamboo, of course. But right now, it is a good alternative, and it lasts a very long time.

Furthermore, they focus on sustainability by using materials that last, to avoid single-use waste. All products last for years, or even a lifetime. This reduces the huge amount of waste we throw away every day but also prevents a lot of production emissions. Did you know that production consumes a huge load of our drinking water? Which will lead to less drinking water in the world. If we produce less, we have more drinking water. It’s as simple as that. Recycling products also consume an awful lot of water. It’s an alternative to single-use products, but the best thing you can do is buy items that simply last a long time.

One of those water guzzlers is cotton. And yet, we throw cotton pads in the bin every day. Some even use several to remove all makeup. An unbelievable waste, and there are alternatives, like bamboo again. Believe it or not, bamboo is incredibly soft and durable, making it a perfect alternative for cotton pads, menstrual underwear and even clothes.

Ethical aspects

In 2020, Bamboozy switched to another manufacturer because they felt the previous manufacturer wasn’t running the business the right way. Which manufacturer they are working with, and where it is located, is unknown. But they say they carry out their own check-ups and clearly are willing to switch if they feel the staff isn’t treated properly.

Furthermore, they do a lot for a better world. 1% Of the proceeds go to various charities, such as Greenpeace and WWF. They also work with organisations to provide girls in poorer countries with menstrual cups. Did you know that there are still countries where girls have to miss school because they don’t have menstrual materials to continue their days?

And there are more amazing things they do, both for the sustainability of their own business and for society. On their website, they keep a list of recent updates.

Is it vegan?

All products are free of animal testing and are vegan.

General verdict:

I’m a fan. It really seems like this brand is taking steps to make a difference both in terms of sustainability and social issues. They want to offer their products as cheaply as possible so they really are an attractive alternative for their customers. It should be as easy as possible to switch to these sustainable alternatives, and meanwhile, they still contribute to charities and social initiatives.

In doing so, they continue to develop. They keep looking for even more sustainable alternatives and, for example, even more, sustainable ways to ship their products. I believe this company really is run with the right intentions and I am convinced of their products anyway.

Where do they ship to?

Bamboozy ships within The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Do you live in another country? Then try, they sell all the products and deliver worldwide. It’s basically the Dutch Amazon, but better ????