The 7 best brunches in Prague

Lizet Wesselman - 21/12/2022

The 7 best brunches in Prague

Lizet Wesselman - 21/12/2022

Those who know me know that I am a big fan of brunch. I used to not be much of a morning person, and although that is changing, I still love the concept of brunch. Taking it easy on the weekend and enjoying a nice meal with great company. A meal that could be anything mixed together because you’re basically mixing 2 meals. Eggs with potatoes? Hell yes, bring it on. So, I loved going for brunch in Prague and over the 2,5 years I lived in the city, I tried quite a few joints! For the best brunch in Prague, this is where you need to be!

Sweet & Pepper days

The number one best brunch in Prague is at Sweet & Pepper Days! I have been telling everybody about this place, up to the point that people started asking me about that one restaurant I always recommend. I might have also single-handedly kept this place up & running during the pandemic, by constantly buying coffee & pastries. This really is my favourite place in Prague and I will continue to recommend it to everyone for the rest of my life! A little summary of why:

  • Possibly the best coffee in Prague
  • Family-run and a really nice family at that!
  • New menu every month or 2 months
  • All-day brunch on weekends
  • Involved, you can always buy some art or items from local makers
  • Vegan friendly
  • Yummy pastries! Also vegan friendly

It’s run by a very friendly Czech family, I think no less than 3 generations work there. The owners have travelled around a lot themselves and got inspired by all kinds of different dishes from different countries. To apply all this, they regularly renew the menu. Before covid, it was every month but now I think every two months.

Each menu is based on a different region, such as Texmex, British, Eastern European or Middle Eastern. The latter is definitely my favourite, and I actually make some of the recipes myself at home! The nice thing is also that the menu is never the same as the last time they chose this region. Although, that also means you may not be able to order your favourite dish a year later…. Maybe that’s why I came there so often.

Globe bookstore & café

Globe is one of my favourite allround places in Prague anyway. But they definitely belong of the list for the best brunches in Prague. It’s a bookstore with a cafe in the back where they have everything from breakfast to dinner as well as fun activities like pubquizzes and karaoke. A summary:

  • HUGE choice! And all equally delicious.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Pretty sustainable, the first place I ever got a glass straw
  • Lots of coffee choices, also vegan friendly
  • Tasty homemade lemonades

Globe is a very American-style place. Despite the fact that I think the owner is Czech. But it really is the hotspot for Americans. So the dishes are definitely American-sized! Which is perfect for brunch, it’s supposed to be big. And my personal favourite: most dishes come with rösti/hashbrowns, which I absolutely love and haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Do make sure you come early, brunch is only until 1pm. The weekend menu is also different from the menu during the week, so keep that in mind if you want to visit for a second time. Don’t have plans in the evening? Then this place is worth coming back to. They have activities almost every night. Check their website or the posters in the toilets for an up-to-date schedule. The shop also sells English books, so be sure to take a look if you’re a book lover!

Vejce – everything eggs

This one is a bit outside of the city centre, but is well worth a visit. “Vejce” is the Czech word for egg. If you love egg as much as I do, this is definitely your place to be! From pancakes (made with egg) to eggs benedict. Although they have some other choices too, like yoghurt and croissants. Plenty of vegetarian options.

Marthy’s kitchen

Website – 2 locations

To be honest, my first experience at Marthy’s was really bad and actually, the worst brunch in Prague experience I had. We were given cold food, after waiting for 45 min. So, it was already made but never brought to us. Still gave it a second (and third) chance and I must say the food is so good, it made up for the poor service.

They have 2 branches and a super extensive menu. Do you have a hard time picking from an extensive menu? Then this might not be the ideal place for you. But if you just want lots of choices, or are with a group who all want something different, it’s ideal! From egg dishes to sandwiches and pancakes. With lots of vegetarian options and the possibility of having dishes made gluten- or lactose-free.

Kafe Francin

A specialised coffee shop where you can buy delicious coffee beans. Kafe Francin is a cute café outside the city centre. But aside from very good coffee, you’ll find everything from pancakes to bagels to a full French breakfast. Or go for the brunch classic eggs benedict or avocado toast. Plenty of choices and definitely a good place for a group with diverse tastes. Vegetarian options and the option to make it vegan as well.

Cathedral café

Right in the city centre, you will find this super cute café. Inside, it’s already very cozy on the inside, but if you walk through, you enter a beautiful courtyard garden. This really is an oasis of calm in the busy old town. There are a lot of these courtyard gardens in Prague, but this one is definitely worth a visit for a delicious breakfast. From English breakfast to a ham and cheese omelette and vegetarian options.

WAFWAF wafel walhalla

Website – Chain, multiple locations

Do you prefer waffles or pancakes for your brunch in Prague? Then WafWaf really is heaven on earth. You can create your own waffle or pancakes here. You choose a base, which can be waffles, (French) pancakes or American pancakes. Then you can choose from 50 ingredients as toppings! From chocolate sauce, biscuit crumbs, marshmallows and fruit to egg, bacon, halloumi and avocado. So you can choose sweet or salty. Enough choice to eat new combinations for months.

Too much to choose? Then choose 1 of the ready-made choice options. You can also order juices, milkshakes or coffee. For waffle lovers or sweet breakfast people, this is definitely one of the best brunches in Prague!