Train travel through Germany

Lizet Wesselman - 03/08/2023

Train travel through Germany

Lizet Wesselman - 03/08/2023

Have you ever been to a country of which you had very low expectations, just to end up telling everyone about it? For me, that was Germany, and especially train journeys through Germany. As a Dutchy, I don’t think Germany was exotic enough. I never liked The Netherlands for its nature, so how beautiful could Germany actually be?

Low expectations for Germany

I didn’t expect much, so my first visit to Germany wasn’t until I was 18 and went to Berlin. Then a few small trips in the years that followed, including a visit to the Christmas market in Dresden and Düsseldorf and a hitchhike trip that should have ended in Berlin, but ended up being quite an adventure in Hanover.

It wasn’t until I was 30 that I decided to take a train trip across Germany. In the summer of 2022, they introduced a train ticket for unlimited train travel across Germany for only €9. Only regional trains though, which only made small towns and nature more attractive. In the social media age, I saw others doing the same and slowly my Google Maps filled up with pins for places I wanted to go. So when I went back to The Netherlands from Denmark, I decided to invest that whole €9 in such a ticket and make a slow train journey through Germany, instead of a fast route with just a change in Hamburg. I made 3 fun stops and decided to explore the south of Germany later that month. And I can tell you I regret that I waited until I was 30 to explore Germany, because wow, how I had underestimated this beautiful country!

Germany train trips

Although previous short trips to Germany were all great fun, with good company and good stories to tell, Germany still didn’t attract me as a travel country. Probably because I stuck around the cities, and I’m just not much of a city person.

I came back to Germany in April 2022 for a conference in Hamburg and a concert in Berlin. At that point, I still didn’t expect that a few months later I would go on an extensive train trip through Germany that would make such an impression. It was nice for small trips, but 2 weeks of travelling in Germany? No way, give me an exotic location with better weather, beautiful beaches or fantastic mountain areas.

But I had to get back on my judgement over Germany’s nature! Because the south of Germany has some pretty stunning nature areas, that are just as stunning as Austria, for example.

My Germany “year”

And thanks to that €9 train ticket, I got the chance to explore Germany’s nature and finally change the incorrect country views I had. You just can’t judge such a big country solely on the big cities. This is exactly one of many reasons why I love train travel so much because it allows you to get off the beaten path and explore so much more. 

Apart from the nature in the south, my train journey through Germany also took me to cute villages like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Lübeck and Mittenwald (which is also in nature, but also very cute on it’s own!).

So 2022 finally became the year of Germany, and now I can only recommend it to everyone. And I actually did visit a few of those “exotic” countries the younger me would prioritize, like Morocco or Indonesia. But Germany still won a spot on the list of favourite countries to visit! 

Train travel guide Southern Germany

So it’s only fitting, that a train travel guide through Southern Germany has become the first travel guide I launched on August 1st 2023. Exactly one year after the start of my Germany adventure in 2022.

I have previously written a blog about that whole adventure. But would you also like to take a train trip through Germany? Then I can definitely recommend my South Germany travel guide! It’s packed with tips in and around 7 beautiful locations in Southern Germany, including tips for restaurants and sustainable accommodation.

Of course, the guide also tells you exactly how to take this train journey, how to buy train tickets and how to find the cheapest tickets.

More travel guides to train travel around Europe will be added soon, so stay tuned.