Wild sustainable deodorant brand

Lizet Wesselman - 01/05/2023

Wild sustainable deodorant brand

Lizet Wesselman - 01/05/2023

Deodorant is kind of a thing for me. You don’t always notice your own body odors, so it’s very important to me to use good deodorant to prevent odors. But spray cans of deodorant are incredibly bad for the environment and besides, it’s another liquid extra in your hand luggage. Rollers I never liked, so it was time for a good sustainable deodorant. Wild was recommended to me by a friend and I was an instant fan! I have been using it for a year now and even in heatwaves Wild is a great product.

What does Wild make?

Wild makes sustainable, refillable deodorant. Deodorant is bad for the environment because of the packaging, which is often made of plastic or metal. But also because of the ingredients and, in the case of a spray, because of the gas needed to make a spray. So, plenty of reasons to scrutinize your deodorant choices.

The metal containers of deodorant cans are actually quite sustainable if we didn’t throw them away after use. So Wild came up with something on that; a metal case that we can use for years! Metal is actually incredibly sustainable because it lasts a very long time. But then we do have to actually use it that efficiently because recycling takes a lot of energy.

The Wild cases are made to last the rest of your life. When you run out of deodorant, you just put in a new refill. So, you can keep using the case for years and keep the waste to a minimum. The refills come in different scents, so you can always alternate or try new scents. In my experience, the refills also easily last about 3 months.

If you’re afraid you might forget to order new refills, Wild offers a subscription that automatically sends new refills to your home. So that way you don’t have to think about buying new deodorant either!

What sustainable aspects does Wild implement?

The first and most important sustainable aspect is the case. The advantages of this are that it saves an awful lot of waste because you buy 1 case that lasts for years, instead of a new deodorant every few months. Do you still want to get rid of your case at some point? Then you can send it back and they recycle it for you.

But the refills are also incredibly sustainable. They are made of pressed bamboo pieces and therefore biodegradable. So, they can go into the green waste and simply decompose. So, nothing at all remains.

Is there any leftover deodorant in your refill when you throw it away? No worries because the ingredients of the deodorant are also completely natural and will not harm nature if they end up in the compost heap. Here you can see which exact ingredients are used, as they are very transparent about that.  Every sustainable aspect has really been thought through at Wild.

Even the packaging is well thought through. You can only buy the refills per 3 because then they can buy a large run of the same size boxes. That may sound a little annoying and like something that benefits them more than the environment, but that’s not true. The production of packaging materials also costs energy, and when a company has multiple sizes of boxes made, it costs proportionally more energy. That’s why you often get half-empty boxes when you order something online. But, those half-empty boxes naturally take up space in the transport van, which means that proportionally less is shipped and thus the CO2 emissions per product go up. That may be a bit complicated, but the bottom line is that it’s better for nature when a box is as full as possible. And at Wild, the boxes are made on a set of 3 refills.

Furthermore, a lot of trees are being planted, over 50,000 by now. And there are quite a few ambitions to become even more sustainable, for example by using more green energy.

What are the ethical aspects of Wild?

Wild’s ambition is to develop a fully transparent supply chain that allows them to demonstrate that this, too, is taken care of. They want to be more in touch with their suppliers about the ethical rules they implement, to check if this meets Wild’s requirements.

Currently, this isn’t really transparent, meaning, it’s hard to find any information on it. I’ve since asked the company to shed more light on this, so hopefully I can provide an update soon.

What is known is that they are B Corp certified. This is one of the strictest certificates a sustainable company can receive, which also takes the ethical and animal-friendly aspects of development into account. So, the fact that they have received this certificate does indicate that this is covered, it’s just missing transparent details. Most of the offices and factories are in Europe, where, of course, there are already regulations for fair wages and a maximum number of working hours, for example, so I actually also assume that the ethical aspects are fine.

Is Wild deodorant vegan?

All products are vegan and nothing is tested on animals. They themselves state that they produce everything with the best intentions for nature, and that includes animals.

General verdict on Wild

As I said, I’m a fan. I think they are taking extraordinary steps, going just a step further than competitors. The amount of waste we throw away every day is a serious problem. You can change the shape of that waste, such as cardboard packaging instead of plastic, but it still generates waste. By making the refillable case, you really reduce a big pile of waste. The refills are a lot smaller than a cardboard deodorant stick, but last just as long (yes, I tested some competitors).

So Wild is really unique in this and clearly, a company that puts nature first. They assume that one case will last you a lifetime, which therefore doesn’t really make it a profitable product in the long run. I’m sure they have a good business model, but I find it refreshing to see a company really taking steps to reduce waste without working from a profit motive. You really get plus points for that for me!

Therefore, I am thrilled to have been able to partner with this fantastic brand! With my code “LIZETTRAVEL20” you can get 20% discount on all products on Wild’s website as a new customer. The code is valid until 31-12-2023.*


* I earn a small commission on your purchase, at no extra cost to you. This allows me to keep working hard on a blog with tips for sustainable travel!

To which countries does Wild ship?

Wild ships to a lot of countries, including almost all of Europe, the US and Australia. So you can even order refills if you’d move to other countries. There are some countries they do not ship to, the full list can be found here.